Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bad Seed - Demo

"There is no escape. I'm confined. We're slaves to brains imprisoned. Every soul serves their time. Solely in control of how I feel. Convincing myself that nothing is real."

1. Swallowing Knives
2. Nothing Is Real
3. Seperated
4. World View

download here.

Drain This Blood - Contempt For Tradition

Broken up, pissed off Pittsburgh hardcore. Flatspot Records released Contempt For Tradition on 7"inch.

1. Once Again
2. You Ruined Everything
3. The Broken Loss
4. Sever All Ties

download here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chokehold - Content With Dying [1995]

Crushing political hardcore from the 90's, so good.

Chokehold - Content With Dying

1. Underneath
2. Afraid of life
3. Content with dying
4. Not a solution
5. Religion on a stick
6. Regression
7. Conditioned
8. Sidetracked
9. You’re the only one?

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All Out War - Sum of all Fears Demo 1992

Kinda bad recordings but great songs

1-Destined to Burn
2-Struggle Within
3-Fall from Grace
4-Stuck Inside
5-Day of Judgment

download here

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eyehategod - Dopesick [2006]

Heavy, detuned and misanthropic metal/sludge. One of my favorite albums of all time.

Eyehategod - Dopesick

1. My Name Is God (I Hate You)
2. Dogs Holy Life
3. Masters Of Legalized Confusion
4. Dixie Whiskey
5. Ruptured Heart Theory
6. Non Conductive Negative Reasoning
7. Lack Of All Most Everything
8. Zero Nowhere
9. Methamphetamine
10. Peace Thru War (Thru Peace And War)
11. Broken Down But Not Locked Up
12. Anxiety Hangover

download here

Monday, February 25, 2008

Head Wound City - s/t [2005]

Remember when I said the posts on here would have a bigger diversity in genre's?
Well this is me proving it hah...

Head Wound City - Self-titled

1. Radical Friends
2. I'm A Taxidermist - I'll Stuff Anything
3. Prick Class
4. Street College
5. New Soak For An Empty Pocket
6. Thrash Zoo
7. Michael J. Fox Featuring Gnarls In Charge

download here

Hail!Hornet - s/t [2007]

Fast metal/thrashy parts mixed with sludge, super good.

Hail!Hornet - Self Titled

1. Believe in Black
2. Golden Whore
3. Drunk Tank
4. Foxy Fuck/No Solution
5. Devil's Hound
6. Nerves
7. He Who Walks Behind the Rose Bros.
8. Concussion Conspiracy
9. Life's Riddle
10. Swarm of Malice

download here

Extortion - Sick 2008

Okay, we're officially back.
somethings have changed, & hopefully for the better.
from now on uploads will be hosted on mediafire, our posts will have a bigger diversity in genre's and most stuff will be rare, out of print or foreign.
Thanks and tell your friends.

So heres some music...

Fast Mean Hardcore

Extortion - Sick

1 - Last Breath
2 - Rot
3 - H5N1
4 - Infection
5 - Wake Up Fucked
6 - Phone In Sick
7 - Overrun
8 - Fever
9 - Defensive
10 - Vomit
11 - Medication
12 - Delusional
13 - Bedridden
14 - Losing Battle
15 - Body Failure

download here

Thursday, February 14, 2008

okay.. so

i know its been forever since something has been posted
i have a new computer and a would like to start posting again
keep an eye out for updates! we're coming back!


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Count Me Out - 110 [2000]

Count Me Out - 110

1. Best of Me
2. Where We Started
3. Another Year
4. One Ten
5. Always Have
6. What We Built
7. Right for You
8. Far from Close
9. Nothing Left
10. Two [Instrumental]

download here.

Taken From Last.FM:
"From Richmond, Virginia, Count Me Out were a straight edge hardcore punk band formed in 1997. They released one album on Ambassador Records and two on Indecision Records. The band toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe. The first two albums, Few and Far Between (1999) and 110 (2000), were a direct descendant of the youth crew subgenre hardcore reminiscent of early Revelation Records releases, with a sound somewhere between Chain Of Strength and Turning Point. The third album Permanent (2002) was darker and more brooding. The band broke up in early 2003."

Wake Up Call - One Eye Open [2006]

Wake Up Call - One Eye Open

1. Friends/Foes
2. Losing It
3. One Eye Open
4. Under Their Control
5. Outro (Wake Up)
6. Avoiding The Storm
7. (Intro) About To Be Bought
8. Know Your Limits
9. Who The Fuck
10. Big Shots
11. It Ain`t Worth It

Taken From
"The state of Maine has never been notorious for producing straight forward hardcore acts, but WAKE UP CALL is rising above the stereotypes and are ready to slap the naysayers in the face. With a traditional brand of stripped down, fast paced hardcore/punk, WAKE UP CALL are following in the path of the old school hardcore bands that paved the way for the genre, yet are sticking to a style they can call their own, without worry about the current trends in modern day punk rock..."

download here.

Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin [2006]

Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin

1. Weeds
2. Never Wrong
3. Prepare For The Worst
4. Heretic
5. Vicious Skin
6. Rot Forgotten
7. Bleeding To Death
8. Our Downfall
9. The Kids Are Not Alright
10. Weapon Of Mosh Destruction
11. Sand And Cell

Taken From
"Pulling Teeth, from Baltimore, MD, play fast and furious metal influenced hardcore, crossing "Systems Overload"-era Integrity and Left For Dead (mixed with a little Napalm Death/Slayer for good measure). Features former and current members of Slumlords, The Spark, Taken By Force and Never Enough. - RevHQ"

download here

Friday, July 6, 2007

This Time Next Year - A Place For You [2007]

This Time Next Year - A Place For You

1. Sands Of Bougainville
2. Rules Of A Ghost Hunt
3. The Wise Are Always Better
4. Hearts And Arrows
5. A Place For You
6. Silver Springs
7. Sweetest Air

Taken From
"This Time Next Year hail from Walnut Creek, Ca and play energetic pop-punk/power-pop music. "A Place For You" is their debut effort comprised of seven songs that will appeal to fans of New Found Glory, Hit The Lights, Blink 182 and The Movie Life."

download here.

Down To Nothing - The Most [2007]

Down To Nothing - The Most

1. Along For The Ride
2. Conquer The World
3. My Disguise
4. No Faith
5. Serve And Neglect
6. Down On You
7. Well Deserved
8. Running Out
9. Higher Learning
10. Your Loss, Your Regrets
11. Up River
12. Quick To Judge

download here.

Cruel Hand - Without A Pulse [ 2007]

Cruel Hand - Without A Pulse

1. Without A Pulse
2. Trust Me
3. Fact Or Fiction
4. Lack Thereof
5. Severe Character Flaw
6. Crashing Down
7. Nothing Between Us
8. Under The Ice
9. Never Fall
10. The Countdown

Punk/Hardcore out of Maine on 6131 Records. Share members with the band Outbreak.

download here.